'Kurdish women resistance has become a symbol for the women of the world'

The delegation from the Basque Region noted that the resistance of Kurdish women and the resistance of Leyla Guven became a symbol of women's struggle during a symposium organized by Kongra Star in Kobanî.


Representatives of women's movements in the Basque Region, the administrators and members of the Democratic Autonomous Administration, members of the city institutions, representatives of Kongra Star, commanders of the Women's Protection Units(YPJ) Enkizk Kobanî, the deputy of the co-chair of the Executive Council in the Euphrates Region(Sara Khalil), participated in the symposium which  held at the Center of the Revolutionary Youth Movement,.

At the beginning of the symposium, a representative of the women's movement in the Basque region Laura Texa, talked about the struggle of women in the Basque region against the practices of the government, and deprivation of their cultural, social and political rights and education.

Laura added, "The women's movement is fighting against the masculine mentality that has enslaved women throughout history and all forms of violence against women so that they can play their leading role in all fields."

In turn, Ana Atexa spoke about the struggle of Kurdish women in the revolution of northern and eastern Syria against IS mercenaries and the masculine mentality that has enslaved women throughout history adding, "the struggle led by Kurdish women is the struggle of dignity and humanity."

She stressed that Kurdish women and parliamentarian Leyla Guven have become a symbol of resistance for women around the world, and stressed the need to train women ideologically to be able to free themselves.

The commander in YPJ, Enkizk Kobanî said, "our forces have played a prominent role in fighting mercenaries since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, and on all fronts women were leading the battles despite the simple possibilities."

The administrator Sara khalil said that after the liberation of Kobanî, women played an active role in all spheres of life and were able to break the slavery barrier imposed by male mentality.



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