Kurdish youth conference's activities in Rojava initiated

The Kurdish Youth in Rojava launched its second conference under the slogan "To End the Occupation and Liberation of Kurdistan, the Kurdish Youth Uprising", in the presence of 270 representatives of the youth of 17 parties of the Kurdish political parties in Rojava, and 4 Kurdish youth organizations.

The Kurdish Youth Conference in Rojava is being held in Mohammed Sheikho Center in Qamishlo city, with attendance of 270 representatives of the youth of 17 Kurdish political parties, and 4 Kurdish youth organizations, as well as representatives of the Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria, Kongra Star, representatives of civil society organizations, The Kurdistan National Congress, the Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) ,representatives of the People and Women Protection Units (YPG, YPJ), Syrian Democratic Council (SDC)

The conference launched by holding minute of silence, followed by a speech of the co-chair of the Foreign Relations Department of North and East Syria, Abdul Karim Omar, who spoke on behalf of the Kurdistan National Congress. "This conference is taking place at a very sensitive stage, the stage of achieving the gains, the stage of Kurdish unity, by virtue martyrs' bloods (YPG-YPJ) and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which raised the issue of the Kurdish people to the highest levels

Omar stressed the many sacrifices made by the Kurdish people through its youth in particular in order to liberate all Syrian regions from terrorism and to reach the Syrian society to decentralized pluralism. He noted that everyone should exert more efforts to defend the region and to be united in the face of Turkish attacks on the territory of north and east of Syria, and the general areas of Kurdistan, "in particular the liberation of Afrin from the Turkish occupation."

Omar noted "The Kurdish National Congress continues its efforts to call for Kurdish unity in all four parts." The Kurdish military forces have also united their forces in Kobani, where they united and sacrificed their blood in order to preserve the Kurdish areas. We will work to increase the coordination between the Kurdish parties in all parts to reduce violations against the Kurdish people, and we have united the efforts of the components of north and east Syria in the fight against terrorism and the protection of the region

The conference continued with the speech of the co-chair of the Finance Committee in Qamishlo canton, Ramziya Mohamed, who spoke on behalf of Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria. She referred to the pioneer role of the youth in the revolution and their prominent role in achieving military and political gains, and called on everyone to unite efforts and the word to repel any attack on the region and on these gains that are achieved in the north and east of Syria. "

The conference will continue with the speeches of the delegations, which focus in their entirety on the need to come out with decisions that concern the Kurdish issue in all its parts and call for unifying the ranks.

A second session of the conference is due to take place after the guests' speeches, which will discuss the rules of procedure of the Kurdish youth in Rojava. According to some members of the Preparatory Committee of the conference, it is expected to amend some of the rules of procedure.



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