​​​​​​​Kurdistan is integral, we must support resistance of Haftanin

People of Derik emphasized that the attack on the Kurdish part is an attack on the other parts, and now Kurdistan is under attack, so the other parts must stand with it and support it, because Kurdistan is an integral part.

The Haftanin area in Başur Kurdistan is exposed to brutal attacks by the Turkish occupation army, which uses all weapons, while Kurdistan Region Government and Iraq remain silent about these attacks. People of Qamishlo canton believe that the Kurdish need a unified political position in this stage.

Muhammad Abd al-Rahim from Derik explained, “For more than three months, the Turkish occupation army has bombed the areas of the legitimate right to defense and the general parts of Kurdistan, especially Haftanin, in which the battlefield is expanding. This lesson will be recorded in history. "

He indicated that the Turkish state is trying by all means to occupy the region to expand its influence for establishing the Ottoman Empire. It aspires to annex occupy Aleppo, Mosul, Kirkuk, northern and eastern Syria and Armenia to establish the so-called (Greater Turkey), thus threatening neighboring countries and bombing safe areas throughout Kurdistan.

He indicated that the stage requires uniting the Kurdish ranks, and said: "Because the Turkish state is trying to increase its forces in Başur of Kurdistan, and to stop these attacks, the Kurdish parts are required to express their position regarding this brutal bombing."

Kurdistan is indivisible

"The attack on a Kurdish part is attack on the other parts; Başur is now under attack, so the other parts must support it, because Kurdistan is an integral part."

He stressed the need for the KRG to show a position regarding the Turkish bombing of Haftanin area. " He said, "It is not permissible for the KRG and all Kurdish parties to remain silent about the brutal Turkish bombing of Haftanin, because the Kurds need a unified political position at this stage."

He stressed that the goal of the Turkish state is to eliminate the Kurdish people, and not to an organization or party as it claims, and said: “Turkey was the first to stand in the face of the popular referendum in Başur of Kurdistan; it always declares its regret allowing the existence of a Kurdish entity on its borders.”

In turn, Radwan Omar from denounced the practices of the Turkish state against the Kurdish people from bombing and killing the people relentlessly, and said: “The Turkish state is against the Kurdish people in the four parts.”

Omar indicated that the attacks against the Haftanin area are an international conspiracy and the Iraqi government is participating in this campaign to eliminate the resistance of the Kurdistan Liberation Movement.

He denounced the international silence about the Turkish attacks on the regions of Başur of Kurdistan and the blatant Turkish interference in the affairs of regional countries and neighboring countries.

Omar appealed to all Kurdish political parties to unify their stance, and said: "Because the wound is one, attacking any part is an assault on the rest of the Kurdish parts. Therefore, the KRG is required to take a stand against these attacks, because the region is going through a historical and sensitive stage."



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