Kurdistan Women System published report regarding violence against women

Kurdistan Women System published a report regarding the violence against women in which it said, "our struggle against the man’s terror must not be limited just on November 25, the women must struggle and organize themselves in every minute."


Kurdistan Women System published a report regarding the violence against women at first the report focused on commemorating the Mirabal Sisters who revolted against dictators and the fascism in the Dominican Republic in 1960 and were assassinated in brutal way in 1960.

On the occasion of November 25 and with the struggle of the Mirabal Sisters against killing women, the women’s struggle turned to the struggle which would organize the women and would defend the women against the man’s regime.     

On this base, the free life would be achieved within minutes, we as women decision-maker movement would release ourselves by the struggle against the fascism ."

The violence against the women turned to annihilating the woman

The Kurdish Women System pointed out that the masculinity and male mindset that were practiced against the women is complementary to each other.

The Kurdish Women System noted that the nation-state had become international and dominant. In this way, the killing of women reached the point of genocide and added, "Violence against women must be defined as the extermination of women."

"According to global statistics worldwide, one out of every three women is exposed to violence, especially in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Women are the target of physical and psychological violence."

In the report it was revealed that in order to blur social opposition and support women's freedom movements, violence against women is used as a method, and strengthens communication, culture and art.

The report also noted "Thanks to the women's struggle, the day of  November 25 has turned into a day of combating violence practiced against women. The UN resolution is the result of the struggle and organization of women, for women, not just on November 25, but every day is the day of struggle."

In World War III, women were targeted again

The system added, "There is a third world war in the Middle East, this war is similar to the First and Second World Wars, which affects the whole world, not only a commercial, political or diplomatic war, but also a big war is being launched against the women freedom. "In World War II, tyranny once again was practiced against women, they carried out attacks against women by all means, and acts of violence follow this path."

Erdogan is at the forefront of who practice violence against women

In the report, the organization pointed to the level and form of violence in the Middle East and stressed that, according to statistics, the violence in the Middle East is large. "In Rojava and Bakour (North Kurdistan), our movement has demonstrated a great struggle for women's freedom. In Kurdistan, attacks on Kurdistan are increasing, the intensity of violence against women and the terror of men and the state continue, and the practices in Kurdistan have led to massacres against women, the abduction of women and the harassment and abuse committed by IS on Şengal and the Turkish occupation state in Afrin.

Violence against women is tantamount to violence against the leader Ocalan. Since 2015, after cutting of relations with the leader, the violence has increased against women.

Change in Iran and East Kurdistan will be at women’s hands

During the report the system said "Women in Iran and Rojhilat (eastern Kurdistan) are resisting the oppressive regime," ,"If there is a change in Iran and Rojhilat, it will be through the women."

Women have to rise up for Afrin

The system touched upon the report that the biggest enemy of the democratic confederation and the democratic nation project that is developing under the leadership of women is the fascist Erdogan's regime. The 2018 attacks on Afrin canton took place on this basis.

In Afrin, women are kidnapped by mercenary gangs, and Şengal has witnessed a black era after mercenaries’ attacks and practices. The revolution of Rojava, organized itself through the revolution of women, so the attack on Afrin is tantamount to launching an attack against women's freedom, an attack against all peoples, and all revolutions of women. The Turkish state when the massacres were committed in Afrin, aimed at thwarting women's struggle for freedom.

We appeal to all women throughout the world to denounce the severity practiced by men and the state in the Middle East. We also call for making the issue of exerting violence against the women of Afrin an international issue that is discussed in all forums and supporting activities. We also appeal for the escalation of the joint resistance against the international forces of fascism and the enemies of the Kurds, and tyranny of men.


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