Kurds refused to try Daesh's members out of Syria

The Kurdish parties refused any proposal or decision to try Daesh's members out of Syria and called to try them in Syria in the areas of the Autonomous Administration.  

In response to some proposals suggested by some European countries to the Security Council and the Global Coalition against Daesh in Syria and Iraq to establish international courts in Iraq to try Daesh's members in Iraq who are arrested by SDF and the Iraqi Forces, the Kurdish parties in Syria refused these suggestions.

This refusal came by the deputy of the secretary of the Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria (Yekiti) Mustafa Meshayikh in a press conference held yesterday for the Kurdish parties on the last political developments in the region where he answered ANHA about the possibility of trying Daesh's members those who arrested by SDF in Iraq or out of Syria.

The French Justice Minister Nicole Belloubet  announced Thursday morning to the media that it discussed with European countries the suggestion of the formation of an international tribunal in Iraq, to ​​prosecute mercenaries, and this hypothesis was raised at the European level with a number of ministers of interior and justice, from Germany, Spain and Italy.

The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria and SDF have repeatedly demanded the establishment of an international tribunal within northern and eastern Syria under international auspices, or the need to return mercenaries to their countries that have fought among the ranks of mercenaries in Syria.

"We reject any kind of trial for mercenaries outside the Syrian territory. We would like to demand that the courts be sponsored internationally within the regions of northern and eastern Syria, because they have committed war crimes and terrorism within these territories. We will continue to discuss this matter internally," Mustafa Meshayikh said.

The Iraqi government is trying to prosecute mercenaries according to the laws of Iraq and not according to international laws related to terrorism to the mercenaries in the military forces who were captured in the battles that took place within Iraqi territory. The Iraqi government has so far managed to execute dozens of foreign mercenaries and Iraqis Through its courts.

The Iraqi government and its officials on 11 April proposed to the countries of the International Coalition against Daesh in Syria and Iraq to try the mercenary detainees, within the Iraqi territory, but for a sum of two billion dollars.

The Syrian Democratic Forces officially announced on 23 March this year the final elimination of mercenaries military, and was able to arrest thousands of mercenaries foreigners and Iraqis to begin operations to cleanse the sleeper cells remaining in the liberated areas, during the period of battles with mercenaries .



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