Lack of medical equipments in al-Shahba camps caused died 2 babies

In the past few days, two Babies children from Afrin living in al-Shahba district have lost their lives due to the lack of medical equipment to treat them and the lack of humanitarian assistance to the Afrin residents.


The two babies are Hamreen Yousef, 16 days old, who died on the 10th of this month. Amina Nour, 5 days , died on 5 April. They are from the Midyan Akbas in Afrin  canton They live in al Shahba district after leaving Afrin due to of the shelling.

The loss of their lives resulted in chronic bronchitis and shortness of breath. They needed a spray machine, oxygen, and a chest and borax cleaner, but the Kurdish Red Crescent did not have the medical devices to save them.

In this regard, the administrator in the Kurdish Red Crescent, Rim Qarmo, said that the Crescent team did everything in their power to the two babies to save them, but they lost their lives because of the lack of the necessary medical tools.

She appealed to international organizations and humanitarian organizations to break their silence towards the suffering of the people of Afrincanton, who live in the province of Shahba and especially children, and to provide a helping hand, especially in the medical and health.

Noting that there are hundreds of children in need of medical care, including child Akram, 19 days, who also suffers from chronic inflammation of the lungs and shortness of breath.

Accordingly, Afrin canton 's people  were forced to leave thier homes and went to al-Shahba canton and Democratic Civil Administration of Afrin canton in cooperation with the district administration of al-Shahba, opened Berxwedan camp to resided Afrin people but al-Shahba canton does not have hospitals and medical points. While the Kurdish Red Crescent is struggling with its modest means to serve the people.




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