Large-scale raids against extremists and a Turkish association in Germany

Police in several districts of Berlin and Brandenburg have been working, since 6 am, to storm a radical Islamic association, as part of an order related to banning a Turkish-Arab association.

The German police carried out a campaign of raids in Berlin and Brandenburg on "Islamic" headquarters this morning as suspected of having links with extremist groups.

The raids are related to the implementation of a ban order against a Turkish-Arab association, which the authorities suspect is close to ISIS, according to the German newspaper Bild.

The raid came less than a day after a German court issued a sentence of 10 and a half years in prison for an Iraqi nicknamed "Abu Al-Wala," who was described as the "mastermind" of ISIS in Germany on Wednesday.

German newspaper Bild quoted security sources as saying, "the police have been launching in several districts of Berlin and Brandenburg since 6 am, raids against extremists."

The sources pointed out, "about 800 members of the special forces in the police have searched targets since six in the morning."

The Berlin State Ministry of Home Affairs and Sports wrote on Twitter that it had "banned the association known as Berlin Universities or the Unification of Berlin."

Adding, "There are ongoing raids also in many areas the police is conducting in Berlin and Brandenburg."


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