Largest drawing of olive tree will be hung in al-Jazeera region

3 artists have started drawing an olive tree to be considered the largest in al-Jazeera region, and they want through the drawing and their art to show to the world that the olive tree, is stronger than the practices of the Turkish occupation.


The children of north Syria and Rojava support Afrin and the Resistance of the Age, through organizing of activities, events, dialogue seminars and even the provision of various kinds of assistance. In a first-of-its-kind step, three artists are preparing to collaborate and coordinate with Association of Educated Women in al-Jazeera region to draw an olive tree on a piece of cloth.

Today, 3 artists, Aida Hassen, Media Khalil and Rewan Khalil who are students of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Rojava and in corporation with the Association of Educated Women in al-Jazeera region started drawing the olive tree on a piece of cloth as a step supporting of Afrin, the drawing is 10 meter high  and 5 meter and a half wide. In a move that is the first of its kind in the region.

The artists explained that the Turkish occupation army attacked the land and the olive of Afrin, and burned and cut thousands of trees.

The painter in the Faculty of Fine Arts, Aida Hassan, pointed out in her interview with ANHA agency that this drawing will be the largest of its kind. It symbolizes an olive tree in Afrin canton and said that the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries attack and loot everything in Afrin with orders and custody from Erdogan.

Hassen added "In the recent period, the occupier showed its hostility and its brutality in another way through cutting and burning of olive trees, in conjunction with the escalation of the attack on our parents in Afrin."

The people of Afrin are stronger than the occupiers

Aida Hassan confirmed that they aim by drawing the olive tree to convey the message that "through drawing and art we want to show that the olive tree is stronger than their practices." The olive tree has its roots and the people of Afrin are stronger than the occupiers.

The three artists use acrylic colors to draw the olive tree drawing.

The drawing of the tree is scheduled to be completed within a few days and is scheduled to be hung in the center of Qamishlo city.



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