​​​​​​​​​​​​​​"Lausanne", Erdogan's dream to annex occupied territories ended

The Co-chair of the Union of Intellectuals in the Al-Jazeera region – Al-Hasakah branch, said that Turkey aims of escalating attacks on the regions of northeast Syria and other Arab countries is to annex more territories to the Turkish state and restore the Ottoman era again, with the approaching end of the Lausanne Agreement in 2023.

Turkish occupation attacks are escalating, in light of a terrible international silence, which gives the occupation a green light to continue its attacks against these areas and expand its occupation.

Observers believe that these attacks aims at completing his project and occupation plan, to restore his alleged Ottoman Sultanate to be his trustee.

Restore the Milli Pact

The Co-chair of the Union of Intellectuals - Al-Hasakah branch, writer Muhammad Bashir, says that the escalation of Turkish attacks on northern and eastern Syria to Kirkuk and Mosul, aims at restoring the Milli Pact, in addition to creating crises as it now operates in Libya and Yemen.

Turkey has interfered in Libyan affairs for the benefit of the Accord Government. It also did that in Yemen, after its occupation of Afrin,  Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî / Tel Abyad. It wants to export its internal political and economic crises outside Turkey.

Bashir explains that in 2023 the term of the Lausanne Agreement expires, ". He wants to annex the largest areas of region to keep them under his authority."

If the United Nations does not move, the occupation policies will continue

Observers believe that the international silence regarding the attacks of the Turkish occupation on the northeast areas of Syria, Başûr Kurdistan and other countries, encourages it to continue its attacks, and to build a new foundation for the Brotherhood by spreading extremist Salafi ideology in the areas it occupies.

Not only did the Turkish occupation invade the territories, but rather it commits a series of violations and crimes in carrying out the demographic change and killing and looting of defenseless civilians, with the help of its mercenaries under various names and religious cover.

The logic of Erdogan-led AKP is similar to the authoritarian or political Islam, which uses Islam as a means to create powers, conflicts and capabilities that enable him to control, continue and expand governance, and distort religion to the whims of his interests."

Bashir demanded the United Nations and international organizations counter these violation of Erdogan. He continued, saying, "If the United Nations or the regional countries and the countries concerned do not move to deter the Turkish occupation, it will pursue its policies."



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