Lavrov's statements do not to support in solving Syrian conflict

Bedran Çiya Kurd, Deputy Co-Chair of the Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria

Advisor to the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, Bedran Çiya Kurd, responded to the statements of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, and said that these statements do not support in solving the Syrian crisis, but it helps to spread incitement by Turkey and Iran against Autonomous Administration.

On Monday evening, Sergey Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister held press conference, saying the that the Kurdish issue would explode "because of the American measures in Syria."

Lavrov claimed that "the Americans are seeking to establish a Kurdish autonomy in northern Syria that will enjoy similar powers as a state authority."

This is the text of the article:

If we solve the Kurdish issue in Syria and Iran, that will help us to make democratic change and a solution to all structural issues that force these ruling regimes to tyranny, oppression, denial of rights and the killing of democracies.

Today we can see, the Kurdish issue has become a reality, no one can deny that and it must be solved form those regimes who are rejecting the policy of the change and democratic, otherwise will lead to a catastrophic explosion (not as Some say that the solution will bring disaster) in confronting tyrannical regimes, and it will join the the caravan of the people's spring.

The Kurds have transformed into a political and military force and played major role and pivotal in confronting international terrorism, and they managed to join all the components in their regions for working together for the liberation from terrorism and democratic political construction, this will anxious colonized regimes in Kurdistan particularly, and that the existing political project in north and east Syria balances all political and military processes in Syria on the one hand and also plays a strategic role in imposing a democratic political process, and this is the reason for the failure of all attempts to impose political solution in Syria.

He said" Any negative collaboration with the Kurds and their partners in Syria by the international powers will force them particularly, in losing several strategic in the region at the level in fighting the terrorism on the one hand, as well as to intensify the aggressive and expansionist policies of Turkey and Iran in particularly, pushing Syria towards intransigence and continuing with its current policies, so it is very important to avoid the Kurdish issue and democratic change in the region to be used as a means to settle international and regional accounts among the countries concerned with the Syrian crisis, because it is considered the core of solving Syrian crisis, so making it way for deals will push the political solution in Syria to be material for deals, and the process will be a loss for all, without exception.

The recent statements of the Russian Foreign Minister do not support the stability and solution in the area, had spread Iranian and Turkish incitement towards the Autonomous Administration areas, and it was more appropriate for them to play major role in reducing tension and curbing the continuing Turkish threats against our regions and areas of Russian influence, the last of which is the Caucasus regions and fueling the battles between Between Armenia and Azerbaijan, even if Turkey receives US support in Azerbaijan regarding Russian interests and Israeli support towards Iranian interests.

The conflict in the Caucasus has historical, strategic and fateful dimensions for both Turkey and Russia. Therefore, it is better for the Russian side to work to consolidate stability and a political solution in Syria without the opposite, as Russia played major role in Syrian file and has achieved great gains in Syria, and any other Turkish escalation in north and east Syria will lead to the depletion of energies and mixing the cards again and returning to square one, Who will be the beneficiary of this equation, which will further increase the complexity of finding a democratic political solution that all Syrians aspire to?

And International Coalition, led by US must take firm decision about AA's future without being shrouded in ambiguity, this is being exploited by some parties as if there are very secret plans aimed at dividing Syria and that if the International Coalition against terrorism does not make efforts In partnership with the SDF, which made great sacrifices in the face of global terrorism and achieved great and historic results, to sustainable political gains and provide stability and security for the region, these efforts will be wasted and terrorism will return threatening global and regional peace.



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