Lawyer calls for immediate international intervention to stop murders against political  detainees in Turkey

Lawyer Muhammad Jamil said that the Turkish state is violating human rights, especially detainees. He pointed out that despite Turkey signed the first and third Geneva agreements, it commits types of torture against detainees, amid the silence of human rights organizations.

As a result of the inhumane practices carried out by the Turkish authorities against political detainees, more than 6 detainees were martyred.

 According to a statement issued by the Federation of Support and Legal Societies for Families of Prisoners and Convicts (MED TUHAD-FED), the detainee, Ghariba Jezar, was martyred in Kocaeli Kandera Prison, Model (F) on the 9th of December, while the detainee, Abdul Razzaq Soyur, was martyred in Shakran Prison.  Form (T) on December 14, and the detainee Abdul Razzaq Gunesh was martyred in Amed Prison on December 15.

 The detainee, Salih Turgul, was paralyzed in the closed prison of Sirte (Model E);  As a result of torture, he was released in 2014, and was martyred in the hospital on December 15, and the detainee Elias Demir, was martyred in the closed Bolu Prison, Model T, on December 17, and the sixth prisoner, Dat Arkamen, was martyred in Terkirdag Prison, Model (F).  , on the 19th of December.

In an interview with our agency, lawyer Muhammad Jamil considered that the torture in Turkish prisons is a serious violation of human rights, as it is an infringement on human dignity. He said, "Torture has negative effects, as it creates a psychological and physical crisis for the prisoner and causes neurological and psychological diseases with the passage of days."

 Jamil referred to the inhumane practices by the Turkish state against detainees in Turkish prisons, indicating that they are practiced even in the prisons of the areas it occupied in Syria, such as Al-Rai prison and others.

 Turkey violates the agreements despite its signing

 Jamil emphasized that in Article (7) of the International Covenant on Civilian and Political Rights, which was issued in 1966, a prisoner may not be treated inappropriately and inhumanely, as in the Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners, adopted by the First United Nations Conference, which stipulated criminalizing  Corporal punishment.

 As for the first and third Geneva agreements, which emphasized the protection of human beings and the alleviation of the suffering of victims in armed conflicts, Jamil said, "Although Turkey has signed all these agreements, it commits all kinds of torture against prisoners in Turkish prisons, disregarding all these covenants."  ".

 "The violations practiced by the Turkish state against prisoners are not new, as it has a long record of torturing and abusing political prisoners in its prisons," Jamil said.

 Lawyer Muhammad Jamil appealed to international organizations concerned with the affairs of political prisoners to immediately intervene and stop these Turkish crimes.

 A Turkish woman is violating her constitution

 At the end of his speech, lawyer Muhammad Jamil called on the United Nations Human Rights Council to stand up to these inhumane practices committed against political prisoners in Turkey, and said, "Turkey is violating even its constitution and laws that criminalize torture in prisons."

 Article 17 of Chapter Two of the Turkish Constitution states that no one may be subjected to torture or ill-treatment, and no one may be subjected to punishments or treatment inconsistent with human dignity.



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