Lawyers: Turkey violates international laws, Turkey's mercenaries must classify in terrorism list

Lawyers have demanded the inclusion of the so-called Syrian National Army in international terrorism regulations against the backdrop of recent crimes in NE, Syria.

The Turkish occupation continues its attacks on areas of NE, Syria in clear violation of the agreements signed that would stop the Turkish attack on the region.

The Turkish occupation used many mercenaries in its attack on the area, including ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra, and the so-called "Syrian National Army '', which consists of former mercenaries who fought with ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra, and committed and continue to massacres against civilians in the same way as ISIS mercenaries.

On the violation of the Turkish state and its mercenaries and the massacres of civilians in NE, Syria, and how international laws deal with these crimes and the steps that are being taken, Hawar news agency (ANHA) interviewed some lawyers in Ad-Derbasiyah district.

Attorney Haitham Bakr said that the attacks of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries on the north and east of Syria are contrary to the UN charters and international laws. "According to the law established by the United Nations in 1945, no neighboring country can go beyond its borders for whatever reason. On this basis and according to this law, the United Nations must hold the Turkish state and its mercenaries accountable for this flagrant violation of the Charter.

Haitham Bakr pointed out that according to international laws, the attack of one state on another state is called in the international law "crime of aggression", and under the terms of the crime of aggression dealt with by the international charter is the intervention of world powers and prevent the attack of one state on another state with weapons and occupation of part of its territory or even support groups "On this basis, the countries that support these groups are held accountable to the International Court of Justice."

In his speech, Bakr said that the arguments of the Turkish occupation and its claim that they are based on the Charter of the United Nations, Article 51 and defend itself, "but Article 51 says the right of the state to defend itself in the event of attack or assault, and in fact Turkey has not been attacked by any "Since the beginning of the Syrian revolution, the SDF has not fired a single bullet towards the Turkish border."

"The Syrian state should submit a complaint to the UN Security Council about the Syrian occupation in a flagrant occupation by the Turkish state so that the UN Security Council can seriously stop the Turkish attacks on NE, Syria, so that the regime can directly remove Turkey from Syrian territory," he added.

Haitham Bakr stated that the Attorney General can also open investigations with the conditions if they are referred by the Security Council. If not, the request should be filed by 30 countries who have signed the UN Charter to open the complaint against Turkey. He continued, "Turkey has committed sufficient massacres against civilians in northern and eastern Syria, and if the international countries are serious in its work can be held accountable Turkey officially and get them out of NE, Syria in accordance with international laws."

The lawyer Hamid Omar, during his talk of the brutality of the assassination of the Secretary-General of the Future Syria Party, Hevrin Khalaf said, "Hevrin Khalaf was a political and was brutally killed by mercenaries of the Turkish occupation state, it is a criminal act contrary to international laws."

"If the international countries focus very seriously on the killing of Kurdish politician Hevrin Khalaf, those groups called the National Army that entered the region and committed massacres should be included in the international terrorism list, and the Turkish state should be held accountable for its direct support for these terrorist groups."

Regarding demographic change in the region, Hamid said, "Forcible displacement is included in war crimes and genocide against citizens because those who are forcibly displaced from their home and in violation of international laws, that state's right to defend its citizens, which requires the Syrian regime under the title of" property right. "

The lawyers stressed the need to include all groups supported by Turkey in the list of terrorism, including the so-called "Syrian National Army."




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