Leader Ocalan lawyers review Bursa Prosecution

​​​​​​​Leader Abdullah Ocalan's brother and lawyers submitted a new request to Public Prosecution Office in Turkish city of Bursa and Imrali Prison Directorate to meet with him.

Muhammed Ocalan, brother of leader Ocalan and his lawyer Mazloum Deng, and the brothers of other detainees, Ali Konar, brother of Omar Khairy Konar, Polat Yildirim, brother of Hamili Yildirim, and Maliha Chaten, sister of Wissy Aktash, submitted a request to Republican Prosecutor's Office of Bursa and Imrali Prison Directorate to meet their parents.

Leader Abdullah Ocalan has been waging a historic resistance against strict isolation inside a high-security prison in Imrali, since the date of his arrest during an international conspiracy in 1999.

It is worth noting that the lawyers of leader, Abdullah Ocalan, met with him after 8 years, on May( 2-22), on June (12-18) and on August (7), 2019. Since that date, their requests to meet with the leader have not been answered.



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