Leader's lawyers, Ocalan, submit a request to meet their client in Imrali

The leader's lawyers, Abdullah Ocalan, submitted a new request to the Republican Public Prosecutor's Office in Bursa and the Imrali Prison Directorate, in order to meet with him.

The lawyers of Al-Asr Al-Huqqi Office presented; Today, Tuesday, Rezan Sarija, Radia Ozturk, Mazlum Deng and Faik Ozgur Arol requested the Office of the Republican Public Prosecutor in Bursa and the Imrali Prison Directorate to meet with their client Abdullah Ocalan, who is being held in Imrali High Security Prison, where no information has been obtained from him for nearly 3 years.

The lawyers also submitted a request to the Public Prosecution Office and the prison administration to meet with the other detainees. Omer Khairi Konar, Hamili Yıldırım and Vesi Aktaş, about whom no information was also provided.

It is noteworthy that the leader Abdullah Ocalan was kidnapped as a result of an international conspiracy carried out by international and regional powers, in 1999 in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, and he was handed over to the Turkish authorities, and he has been detained since that time in Imrali prison in the Sea of Marmara.

On May 31, the Turkish occupation authorities took a new ban against the leader Abdullah Ocalan, about whom no information has been obtained since March 25, 2021, as he was again banned from meeting his family and lawyer for another 6 months.

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