​​​​​​​Lebanese Kurdish Charity Association calls for reinforcing Kurdish unity

The Secretary of the Lebanese Kurdish Charitable Society, Gulistan Muhammad, stressed the importance of Kurdish unity in this sensitive period, and blessed the efforts made to achieve national unity.

This came during the Association's reception of a delegation from the Newroz Cultural and Social Association in Lebanon, which conducts periodic tours of Kurdish organizations and institutions in Lebanon to discuss developments in Kurdistan.

During the meeting, the national unity at this stage in the region in general and Kurdistan in particular, in addition to the attacks that the Kurdish people are exposing to were discussed.

The Head of Newroz Association, Hanan Othman, spoke about the importance of coordination and dialogue, and the relationship among the Kurdish associations in Lebanon, regardless of the political differences among them.

In conclusion, the Kurdish Lebanese Charity Association thanked the initiative of Newroz Association which took upon itself to visit Kurdish organizations and institutions in Lebanon, especially in this stage the region is going through.


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