​​​​​​​Lebanese lawyer: Turkey has not succeeded in curbing Ocalan's ideas

Lebanese human rights activist, lawyer Manal Majid, stressed that Turkey's continued imposition of isolation on leader Abdullah Ocalan and the non-application of the "Right of Hope" law constitutes a flagrant violation of human rights and all international instruments and an attack on human dignity, and noted that the brutal of Turkish practices has not succeeded in curbing leader Ocalan's ideas.

Leader Abdullah Ocalan, arrested on 15 February 1999 through an international conspiracy involving regional and capitalist states, who was extradited to Turkey, where he was detained on the isolated island of Imrali, which lacks the slightest conditions of arrest and detention for the most horrendous pressures, the foremost of which was the imposition of isolation against him and the prohibition of his lawyer and his relatives from meeting with him.

On 7th August, Leader Ocalan's Defence Office issued a statement to public opinion. Through it, his client has not been able to benefit from his specific rights in domestic and international law for three years. He stated that all requests for a meeting made after the lawyers' meetings with the leader on July 27, 2011 and May 2, 2019 had been unlawfully rejected.

Flagrant violations of human rights

Lebanese human rights activist, lawyer Manal Majid, spoke of this, saying: "The continued aggravated isolation of leader Ocalan is a flagrant violation of human rights in violation of the International Covenant on Political and Social Rights, especially article 7 and article 10. There is also a violation of the rights of political prisoners to access information, to prevent visits and not to allow lawyers to meet. "

"In this way, the Turkish authorities have violated many rights, including the right to communicate with the outside world, the right to inform the family of the place to which it was transferred, the right to communicate and provide family visits, the right to information and the use of counsel in accordance with the Model Rules for the treatment of prisoners and respect for their rights without discrimination."

On the aims of this isolation, she said that it "aims to serve as an example for everyone who contravenes Turkish policy by using the harshest kind of torture, aggravated isolation or live execution, which is a policy of repression for everyone with a free opinion or thought.”

"Torture is an attack on human dignity and a serious form of inhuman or degrading treatment involving the use of violence, coercion or punishment, including isolation and non-contact with the outside world."

The Turkish state is even contrary to the provisions of its Constitution

The Turkish authorities invoke the imposition of "disciplinary sanctions" on leader Ocalan to prevent the application of the decision of the European Court of Human Rights in the retrial and the application of the "Right of hope" decision.

On this point, the rights activist said: "The “Right of Hope” is the right of every convicted person to have a fair trial and to be released from detention or imprisonment after serving his sentence even if the sentences are life, the sentence in retrial, and a fair trial is an existing right and his right to hope, as a condition of respect for human dignity so that aggravated life imprisonment does not constitute ill-treatment."

"In accordance with article 90, paragraph 5, of the Turkish Constitution, if there is a conflict between international laws and conventions and this international agreement relates to human rights, the provisions of international conventions will be applied. The Turkish Government has violated the provisions of this article in its Constitution and has deliberately been discretionary in international law. Mr. Ocalan has exempted and expressly proclaimed this right out of fear that the libertarian ideas of the leader will affect the dictatorship of the practices of the Turkish authorities. "

The Lebanese human rights activist, lawyer Manal Majid, concluded: "The viciousness of these restrictions has not succeeded in breaking the links between this leader and his people and in curbing his ideas. He has remained the inspiration of the Kurdish people and the first influence, not on the Kurdish people, but on the issue of his arrest has become the focus of all human rights defenders in the world."

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