Lebanese politician reveals a Turkish expansion in Lebanon; Turkish FM responds

The Turkish Foreign Ministry condemned the statements made by some Lebanese politicians recently, who said that Turkey supports the protests taking place in northern Lebanon, and that it has "a desire to increase the area of ​​its influence in that region."

In response to the head of the Reform and Change Movement, Gibran Bassil, without naming him, the Foreign Ministry spokesman, Hami Aksoy, said: "These allegations are completely unfounded, and therefore it is not possible to take these malicious statements seriously."

Aksoy pointed out that "Turkey attaches great importance to the unity, stability and prosperity of Lebanon," adding "those who raise these allegations in locations that enable them well to know who consider Lebanon as their back garden and interfere in its affairs."

Basil revealed in a television interview yesterday that "there is a Turkish political, financial and security expansion, warning that" there are current apparatus leaders who are aware of this and facilitate it while they are 3 out of 6, and when the issue was opened in the Supreme Council of Defense, they practiced confusion over who spoke, and said: The relationship with Turkey matters to us, and we want aid for Lebanon in its ordeal, not to create sedition.


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