Lebanon: Highway blocked, strikes and protests

Angry protesters blocked roads in the northern city of Tripoli, as shopkeepers closed their doors, while others demonstrated in front of the Ministry of Economy in Beirut to protest against the deteriorating living conditions in the country.

The media outlets reported that Tripoli is witnessing a blocking of a number of its main roads, on Monday, and large-scale closure of shops in the city.

Protesters and merchants declared a strike to protest the economic and living conditions and the collapse of the Lebanese pound, as an extension of the angry protests the city witnessed on Sunday evening, due to the exaggerated cost of unemployment.

On the other hand, protesters demonstrated in front of the Ministry of Economy in the capital, against the high prices and the high exchange rate of the dollar against the local currency.

On Sunday, several Lebanese regions witnessed road blocking and night protests, while clashes took place between the army and protesters in Antelias and Jal El Dib, north of Beirut.

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