​​​​​​​Legal Adviser: Turkish history full of disrespect of international laws

Adviser to the legal body in the Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration in the Euphrates region, Walat Hami, said that the Turkish governments are known for not respecting international conventions and laws.

Turkish state policy has turned into a repressive policy par excellence in the recent period. It arrests intellectuals, jurists, media professionals and members of Parliament to imposing illegal isolation on leadership figures such as Ocalan, not to mention the suppression of demonstrations and the imposing a security cordon on all forms of demonstrations rejecting the current policy .

The Turkish state imposes isolation on the leader Abdullah Ocalan and arrest of thousands of national and legal figures and political activists. The number of detainees in Turkish prisons exceeded 250,000, according to opposition Turkish websites. They are imprisoned in inhumane conditions.

In this context, Hawar News Agency spoke with the advisor of the Legal Authority in the autonomous administration in the Euphrates Welat Hami to highlight Turkish violations of international law and human rights.

Human rights abuses and international conventions is typical in the history of Turkey

Hami says, "Throughout its history, the Turkish occupation has been known to bypass international laws and covenants."

He added, "since the Ottoman and Kemalist state emerged, the Turkish state has committed violations of human rights and suppression of freedoms. The last of these was in the past two years when it arrested political, media and human rights activists, hitting all the laws against the wall. "

The Kurdish human rights lawyer affirmed that "international law stipulates that everyone has the freedom to express his opinion, but Turkey's violations of international covenants and laws take place."

Hami also said that "Turkey establishes false courts and unfair judges that do not refer to the law in any capacity."

Referring to the isolation on political prisoners, Hami said, "Turkey has bypassed all these laws in regard to political prisoners. It follows the psychological torture policy against them. There are international agreements that recognize the rights of prisoners and stresses their right to meet with their lawyers, doctors and families. This is what Turkey is doing with prisoners of conscience. "

He added, "Today, the Turkish law contradicts the practices of the Turkish government entirely, it has violated the immunity of the parliament members and arrested many of them."

Hami called on the United Nations Association to play its role and form committees to activate the six provisions issued by Amnesty International, which say that independent human rights bodies and committees must be formed to follow up on the Turkish state’s abuses inside prisons and put an end to them.

At the end of his speech, the Legal Authority’s advisor on the Euphrates region, Walat Hami, appealed to the international community and human rights organizations, saying, “The silence of the international community and human rights organizations regarding these violations puts you in the category of participation with Turkey for the peoples of the region.”

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