leishmaniasis threatens lives of thousands of civilians in al-Shahba

More than 100 cases of leishmaniasis and tuberculosis have recently spread among Afrin residents in Berxwedan camp, and al-Shahba canton's villages, Kurdish Red Crescent administrators and Avrin hospital staff, and the victims are appealing for providing the necessary medicines to treat the disease and reduce its spread.


In addition to the suffering of Afrin people who were forced to leave their homes and go to al-Shahba canton as a result of Turkish aggression and its mercenaries to Afrin canton and resisting to the worst living and human conditions, dozens of people and children of Afrin suffered of chronic diseases as leishmaniasis and tuberculosis and this increases their tragedy.

As a result of the devastation surrounding al-Shahba canton, the spreading of dirt, rubble, lack of adequate living conditions and disregard of international and medical organizations for providing the needed assistance to the people, Afrin people suffer from the spread of leishmaniasis and tuberculosis in the absence of medical possibilities to treat them

Hawar news agency monitored the condition of the patients and the facilities available to the only medical direction present in al-Shahba canton province, and they are Kurdish Red Crescent and Avrin hospital staff.

During the meeting with patients, they call from both concerned and international organizations to provide urgent health support, as no access to other areas of treatment is available.

An administrator of Avrin hospital Jihan Abdo and the administrator of Kurdish Red Crescent Ammar Mohammed, have appealed to the international community to provide medicines for chronic diseases which are widespread among the people of Afrin, especially leishmaniasis, adding that their possibilities are limited in light of the inaction of international organizations to support them.

leishmaniasis is a parasitic disease transmitted by "the sandfly" insect, a small insect that is only one third the size of a regular mosquito, which color is yellow, it moves and increases its activity at night. The sandfly does not make a sound so it sting the person without feeling of it, the "sandfly" moves the lemongrass parasite by sucking the blood of the injured person or animal, such as dogs and rodents, and then transfer it to the blood of the next person to pass it, the disease is spread in agricultural and rural areas.

Report: Shervin Mustafa

Photograph by Jafar Jafo




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