Letter from Kongra  Star to Leyla Guven

Kongra Star wrote a letter to the struggler Leyla Guven, who has been on hunger strike for more than three months, in which it has saluted her resistance which embodying the path of free women.


The letter included:

First of all, we would like to send our greetings and admiration. Your action, because it represents the feelings of freedom-loving people, has created a revival and awakening, and has echoed across the world and among the people of North Kurdistan in particular. Likewise, it embodies the path of the free woman.

As comrade Zilan said, "If women have faith, there is no force that can take their value from them. Because when women believe, they will be unconditionally victorious." To our comrade Leyla: You will know that your struggle gives us love, courage, faith, power, and honor, and we will follow your path until the end, because we believe that we will be victorious.

This resistance is a continuation of the actions of comrades who made themselves into living shields, like Zilan, Beritan, Avesta, and Sakine, who conceived an honorable life from their resistance.

Our comrades lead an honorable and proud resistance against plots and conspirators, and for the end of the systematic isolation of Abdullah Ocalan, which affects the Kurdish people as a whole. We salute this timeless and limitless resistance, continue determinedly on the path for women's freedom, protect its achievements, and heighten the level of our actions.

Together we are free women, together we are freedom-lovers, together we have a free live, and together we struggle for freedom.

Kongra Star

February 24, 2019



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