Leyla Guven: 167 days on hunger strike against isolation

The Parliamentarian of the Democratic Peoples' Party (HDP) and the co-chair of the Democratic Society Conference (DTK), Leyla Guven, continues her hunger strike for 167 days without stop, demanding to lift the isolation imposed on Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan.

 Leyla Guven begun whose hunger strike on November 8, 2018. Her strike entered on the 167 days, while the Democratic Peoples' Party member Nasir Yagiz in the city of Hewler entered the 154 days The strike of 14 activists in the French city of Strasbourg and the activist Imam Shish in Wales entered the 130th day. In the Turkish prisons, the detainees have been on hunger strike for 127 days.

At the same time, MPs from the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP), Tariq Temel and Murad Sarisaç have continued their strike since March 3, while the detainees, who were released by the Turkish state, continue their strike in their homes in Bakur, (north Kurdistan). Sedat Akin continues his strike for 101 days, at his home in Êlihe, Gurbet Ektîren on her 93rd day in Derik district, Semra Alkan on her 101st days in Alîaga in the city of Îzmîrê and, Îhsan Sinmiş on his 60th day in the city of Kuçukçekmece district in Istanbul.

Yusef Iba continues his strike on his 102nd day in Toronto, Canada, and Mustafa Tuzak in Duisburg in the 96th day, Hussein Yildiz on his 95th day, and Hisabi Jakji on his 94th day. In Rustam Judy camp, Shiyar Khalil also continues his strike on his 93rd day in Nuremberg, Gamal Kobani and Omar Bagdar continue their strike in the city of Caselle on their 85th day. Shevan Akouoglu and Sultan Yagit continue their strike on their 77th day in the Austrian capital of Vienna, Shivan Ako Oglu and Sultan Yakit continue their strike on their 77th day in the Austrian capital of Vienna, Mohammed Ali Koçer continues his strike in front of the United Nations headquarters in Geneva on the 67th day, Nahda Zangin, Mohammed Saeed Yilmaz and Ali Buiras continue their strike in the capital of England, London on their 36th day, as Harim Mahmoud continues to strike on his 60th day, And Kolbakh Jalal on her 38th day.



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