Liberation Forces of Afrin announce the elimination of two mercenaries in Ezaz

The  Liberation Forces of Afrin announced the elimination of two mercenaries from the Turkish occupation, during a  operation carried out against them in the Ezaz area.

The lebration forces of Afrin today reported a statement for the puplic opinion about the operations that carried out against Turkish occupation Army and its mercenaries in Afrin and around it..

The text of the statement is:

Our forces, in the revevge process  carried out an operation against the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries, a quality operation in the ezaz  region. On December 11 this year our forces targeted a site of mercenaries whose called themslves  liwaa AL-fateh in the village of Kafr Khashir., and during two mercenary were killed  while 4 were  ijured  with wounded

After the operation, the Turkish occupation army bombed the villages of Malikiyah and Mernaz which belong to the district of Shara  with mortar shells  and ubese while the sky of the area  witnessed an intense flight of the drones.

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