Libyan army launches major offensive against militants near Tripoli

On Sunday, The Libyan Armed Forces General Command said that the land, sea and air forces launched a major attack on "militias" near Tripoli.

The General Command of the Libyan Armed Forces said in a statement that a major attack was being carried out against the "militias" near Tripoli with the participation of all ground, naval and air forces, and called on the population to stay away from the areas of clashes and the positions where the "militias" exists.

"There is an aerial bombardment of the Yarmouk camp south of Tripoli," the statement said, in addition to a preliminary aerial bombardment and heavy artillery on the positions of "militias" near Tripoli.

Libyan National Army has previously announced that its forces carried out precision air strikes, targeting new positions belong to extremist militias" on the outskirts of the capital Tripoli.

On April, Libyan Army had launched massive operation to liberate Tripoli from the "armed militias and terrorist groups" they control.

Prior to the announcement of the attack on Tripoli, the national army launched an offensive in mid-January "to clear the south of terrorist and criminal groups."

The Libyan army accuses Turkey of sending Jabhat al-Nusra mercenaries from Syria to fight in Libya along with Accord Government Forces. In addition, Turkey continues to send weapons, ammunition and drones to the accord government despite a UN arms embargo on Libya after the collapse of Muammar Gaddafi regime in 2011. Despite all the evidence of Turkish involvement in Libya, the United Nations has done nothing.



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