Libyan army shoots down plane of Government of National Accord

The Libya army announced killing the crew of "L 39" plane of Government of National Accord after it has been shot down yesterday over Terhonakenob city east of the Tripoli city.

The Defense forces of the Libyan National Army that they have shot down a warplane of al-Wifq in Weshtata area located between Rehona and Benwalid when it tried to invade positions.

Where the Spokesman of al-Wifaq Government Forces,  the colonel Mohammed Qenono said that its troops lost the contact with planes.

The Chief –Staff of the Air Forces the Lieutenant General Seqer al-Jeroshi that the Air Academy of Misrata lost most of its fighting planes in the battles against the National Libyan Army.

He added that the Air Academy also lost 6 warplanes in its operations  2 of them of "L39" type and 2 of Mirage "F1" and on warplane of "Mig25" and another warplane of "Mig 23".



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