​​​​​​​Libyan Army: Syrian mercenaries in Tripoli in police uniform

The Director of Counselling Department of the General Command of the Libyan Army, Brigadier General Khaled al Mahjoub, announced that a first batch of Syrian mercenaries took to the streets of the capital Tripoli in police uniform, received their places and began to supervise and follow up the security conditions in them, after receiving training and integration by the Ministry of Interior of the Government of Accord.

After the report of the UN Sanctions Committee on Libya, which confirmed Turkey's continued transfer of mercenaries to the country, Brigadier General Khaled al-2Mahjoub said, on Saturday, that a group of Syrian mercenaries trained at the "Takbali" camp in the capital Tripoli, took to the streets in the Libyan security uniform to start its duties After being attached to the police formations of the Accord Government, in a statement to Al-Arabiya Network.

And video footage showed elements of Syrian mercenaries in the Libyan police uniform while receiving training in a camp south of the capital, Tripoli, in a strange step that indicates the presence of the Accord Government to integrate a number of these mercenaries, who were transferred by Turkey to Libya, in the security forces and even the military.

This comes at a time when Ankara continues to flood Libya with Syrian mercenaries, as a Libyan army spokesman earlier posted a video showing dozens of mercenaries on board an aircraft belonging to the Afro-Libyan lines, on their way to Libya to join the ranks of GNA.



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