Libyan MP: After the parliament authorized the army, Erdogan no longer has to bow

​​​​​​​Member of the Libyan Parliament, Ibrahim al-Darsi, confirmed that the Accord Government lacks legitimacy because it did not grant confidence from the parliament, and it also became illegal when the country sold to Turkey and the Syrian mercenaries, and indicated that after the Egyptian parliament authorized the army to carry out operations outside the borders, Erdogan and Accord Government no longer accepted of the acquiescence.

Al-Darsi said in a special statement to Hawar news agency ANHA, "The Libyan army is ready for the battle of Sirte and al-Jafr, and that the red lines drawn by Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi gave strength and momentum to the Libyan army forces stationed on the borders of Sirte and al-Jafr."

"I suspect that after the Egyptian parliament gave the green light to the Egyptian army to carry out military operations outside of Egypt, and US President Donald Trump called Egyptian Accord except by submission and acquiescence," he added.

On Monday, the Egyptian parliament announced, in a secret session, its mandate and approval of the intervention of the Egyptian armed forces to protect Egyptian national security, against the background of the situation in Libya.



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