​​​​​​​Libyan National Army downed two Turkish drones

​​​​​​​The Libyan National Army shot down two drones of the Turkish occupation, and the forces were able to repel an attack on the Ain Zara axis.

The Air Force of the Libyan National Army announced that it was able to shoot down two Turkish pilot planes, the first of which was shot down in the airspace of Uqba Bin Nafeh Air Base, and the second southeast of the capital over the Ain Zara axis.

Major General Ahmed al-Mesmari, the official spokesman for the Libyan Arab Army, announced earlier yesterday that the Libyan armed forces units had managed to repel an attack by Accord Government forces backed by Syrian mercenaries and Turkish vehicles and weapons, which had tried to attack the Ain Zara axis.

Al-Mesmari added, in a press briefing, that Major General Fawzi al-Mansouri, commander of Ajdabiya Operations Room and Commander of the Axis, confirmed the destruction of three armed vehicles and the killing of more than 15 terrorists, and that there are many bodies inside the destroyed vehicles and body parts spread on the battlefield.

He pointed out that the most prominent of the dead was "the terrorist Abdul Hakim al-Zain, commander of the 42 Harami militia, and the militia's son-in-law, Haitham Al-Tajouri," confirming also their control over "enemy observatories" after fleeing from them.



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