Libyan parliament informs US administration on Qatar, Turkey's crimes

The delegation of the Libyan parliament briefed the US administration on the crimes committed by Turkey and Qatar in Libya since the revolution that toppled the Muammar Gaddafi regime in 2011 and their role in the chaos that has engulfed the country for more than eight years.

The head of Libya's National Defense and National Security Committee, Talal al-Mehyoub, told Al-Arabiya. Net that a full file was presented to the US Congress and the White House administration to provide proofs and compelling evidence that "the involvement of Qatar and Turkey in supporting the armed militias and extremist groups belonging to Accord government financially, and logistically, in support of terrorism and sabotage of Libya, so that Washington reconsider its relationship with the government of national accord."

A delegation from the Libyan parliament visited the United States, where he met with Congressmen, White House officials, the National Security Council and the Foreign Ministry.

"During this visit, the American side was briefed on the reality of the situation in Libya and the role played by the Libyan army in combating terrorism and the killing of extremist groups, especially in the capital Tripoli," he said.



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