Libyan Parliament Speaker calls on Arab countries to play an active role against Turkey's interference in his country

The Speaker of the Libyan Parliament, Aqeela Saleh, today, Wednesday, called on Arab countries to play an active role to end Turkey's interference in his country, accusing Erdogan of reviving Ottoman injustice in Libya.

Aqeela Saleh said during a speech in front of the Arab Parliament in Cairo: "The Turkish agreement with al-Sarraj aims to support armed militias and complete the plunder of Libya's wealth."

"The international community's continued recognition of the political council does not benefit the Libyan people," the Libyan parliament speaker added. "The international community appointed a presidential council in Tripoli that granted Turkey the right to interfere in Libya."

In this context, he clarified, "The term of the Presidential Council in Tripoli ended a long time ago."

 Aqeela Saleh also asked, "What legacy does Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan speak in Libya?", Accusing him of reviving "the legacy of Ottoman injustice in Libya."

He stressed that "terrorist armed militias control large areas in Tripoli, and that the Libyan army will complete its mission to liberate the Libyan capital," accusing the presidential council, which he described as expired, of "bouncing in the hands of the militias."

The Libyan Parliament Speaker stressed that Accord Government headed by Faiz al-Sarraj did not adhere to the terms of the political agreement, adding that it was not entitled to conclude international political agreements, and called on the Arab Parliament, held in Cairo, to withdraw recognition of the Presidency Council.



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