Libyan sheikhs, notables make an urgent appeal to deter Turkey, Brotherhood project

Today, the Supreme Council of the Sheikhs and Notables of Libya called for the activation of the joint Arab defense agreement, as well as Egypt to intervene and stop the Turkish invasion of Libya.

The statement said: "The Council raises this urgent appeal, to all Arab and Islamic governments and peoples, the League of Arab States and the Security Council, to take a decisive stand against Turkish interference in Libya's internal affairs and its protection, by supporting its army and respecting the will of its people, and speeding up the gravity of the dangerous field situation, activating the signed agreement on joint Arab defense and stopping the invasion of the Turkish colonization of Libyan lands, "according to" Arab Net. "

The statement also called on the Republic of Egypt to intervene to stop the Turkish occupation by saying: "We call on the President of the Libyan Parliament to follow his request to the Egyptian Parliament regarding the implementation of the Libyan-Egyptian defense agreements, considering that Egypt is the beating heart of Arabism and Egypt's leadership represented by His Excellency President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi is the spearhead in protecting the nation from the international Brotherhood project to control the region."

Meanwhile, the Libyan Air Force's Chief of Staff, Saqr Al-Jarushi, stressed that the Air Force is about to carry out the largest air operation in the history of Libya, according to Libyan media reports.

Al-Jaroushi added that the coming hours will be very painful for all Turkish sites and interests in all cities, which will become legitimate targets for air force fighters, calling on civilians to stay away from them.

For its part, Ankara threatened that the Libyan army's attacks on Turkish interests will have drastic consequences.


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