Libyan sources: The Libyan Air Force destroys a convoy of al-Sarraj groups near Sirte

Libyan sources said that the Libyan army air force fighters bombed armed convoys carrying a number of mercenaries and "terrorist" elements of the government of Fayez al-Sarraj in Wadi Bay area, west of Sirte.

The sources indicated to Sky News that the group, supported by Turkish mercenaries, was trying to infiltrate the city, where the warplanes bombed it, which led to its complete destruction, according to Sky News.

However, the sources did not provide any details about the number of elements of the "terrorist" group and what they aimed to infiltrate in the region.

No official party has yet not commented after targeting Wadi Bay, which represents strategic point towards Sirate and Jufrah line from the northwestern side of the National Army defenses.

This raid came a day after the coastal defense forces targeted a boat that violated the maritime embargo off the shores of Ras Lanuf.



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