Life goes back to Armenians Church in Tal Abyad

The Armenian component in Tal Abyad (Girê Spî ) reopened al-Salib Church which dates back to 1924, the church was during the occupation of IS mercenaries a prison and a military point.



More than three years after the liberation of Tal Abyad from IS grip, the Armenian component returned to their church which was closed by IS and was using as a military base and a prison in which everything horrendous was practiced towards the inhabitants of the region.

During IS occupation, it burnt all the symbolic images of Christ and removed the cross from the church and threw it on the road, and prevented the Armenians from performing their religious rites, forcing them to perform them in their homes and in secret.

The Armenians were able to return to perform their religious rites again after lifting their cross over their church, which was liberated from IS mercenaries, some of which were turned into solitary and collective prisons. It was divided into a place to teach how to use weapons and bombs while the remaining was used as a hall for their meetings.

After liberating Tal Abyad, the church was handed back to its owners, who restored it.

The Armenians' delay in the opening of the church is due to the destruction and devastation it has suffered as a result of IS practices.

Lucian Matosian, one of the Armenian women in Tal Abyad, says that with the help of the Armenians living in Girê Spî, they have restored the church at their own expense to its old splendor, but it needs some other renovations.

Lucien said they were forbidden to perform their own rituals in the church like other Armenians in the world, and they faced many hardships during the practice of their religious rites and special occasions which were  prevented by IS .

Lucien added that during the opening of the church they found many injection needles and pills in the church. She said that IS had converted the Armenian school where they were teaching their mother tongue to a room where they practiced arms training and how to use and make bombs and booby trap.

Lucien confirmed that they had now raised the cross over the church and performed their rituals regularly and freely.



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