Lilon proves to the world people of Afrin love humanity, peace and freedom

 A number of administrators in al-Shahba canton said that the Lilon International Film Festival is a message that proves to the world that the people of Afrin are attached to their culture and land and love freedom, humanity and peace.

The Lilon International Film Festival activities continue with the screening of films, ranging between long and short, and its activities were launched from September 21 to September 27 this year, in Berxwekhdan and Serdem camps in al-Shahba canton.

On the sidelines of the festival, our agency ANHA monitored the opinions of the administrators in al-Shahba canton about the Lilon International Film Festival, stressing that it has become a message to the world that the displaced Afrin people are attached to their land and culture.

The co-chair of the Culture and Art Authority in Afrin region, Hanan Sido, said that their cultural struggle continues even after the forced displacement to al-Shahba canton, adding that the culture and art movement wanted to set an example for society in order to protect its culture by launching art activities in al-Shahba canton.

Sido explained that the aim of launching the Lilon International Film Festival is to deliver a message to the international community, that the people of Afrin love humanity, freedom and peace, and adhere to their culture and their land.

Sido pointed out that their activities include all components in northeastern Syria, which embrace the idea of ​​brotherhood of peoples, introducing the culture of the region's residents to the world and learning about their culture.

"Our activities are continuing, before the Lilon Festival there Mitan Festival, and in the coming days the folkloric dance festival will be launched. Our resistance continues, and we pledge our people to protect our culture,"Sido said.

For his part, the co-chair of the Afrin Canton Council, Muhammad Naaso, affirmed that launching such a festival in the difficult times that Afrin people suffer in camps and semi-destroyed homes is resistance in itself.

Naaso stressed that the people of Afrin have the right to demand their rights, because they are the true owners of the land, and that the Turkish state is a colonial state that fought the Kurds in the name of Islam and Islam is irrelevant to them.

Naaso denounced the role of human rights and international organizations during the Turkish aggression against the peoples of northern and eastern Syria without moving a finger, and the purpose of screening these films at the Lilon Festival is for the world to know what the people of Afrin and northern and eastern Syria have suffered from Turkish violations.

Naaso thanked the filmmakers and the preparatory committee for these films that show the suffering of the people of Afrin at a time when they are resisting the displaced amid difficult circumstances.



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