Loss of diesel prevents harvesting of wheat in al-Shahba

The co-chair of the Agriculture Body of al-Shahba Sobhi al-Ahmad said that they lose the storage materials of wheat, pointing at the same time that the loss of fuel oil in the canton threatens harvest the crop and the provision of bread.


On the subject of how to harvest and store wheat in al-Shahba, Hawar news agency met with the co-chair of the Agriculture Body of al-Shahba Subhi al-Ahmad.

Ahmad said "In al-Shahbaa, we rely on planting cereals, fruit trees and vegetables ,the canton's lands are fertile and rich, making them suitable for agriculture."

He noted "Farmers began to harvest wheat and barley in the area, for barley, it was very much affected by the lack of rain at the beginning of the season, which has affected production, and current production is not enough for the next season."

He added "We face a problem in securing the fuel oil for harvesters to harvest the crop and not to harvest in time may cause a loss in the season, and may stop the work of the bakery in the canton and cause a crisis in the provision of bread."



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