Luqman Ahmi: Turkey tries to hinder completion of the security mechanism agreement

The Spokesman on behalf the Autonomous Administration has pointed out that understandings about the m security mechanism's understandings did not satisfy the Turkish side for not achieving its stated objectives towards AA's areas. Where he welcomed the return of refugees but rejected the idea and term of resettlement in the administration areas.

Luqman Ahmi, spokesman for the Autonomous Administration, made the remarks during a meeting with our agency on Turkey's demand to settle the Syrian refugees living in AA's areas.

Luqman began his speech by saying" It seems that the understandings of the security mechanism did not satisfy to the Turkish side, even though it is a party to it, because it did not achieve its objectives, which were planned to occupy the areas of northern and eastern Syria, and is therefore trying to put obstacles to complete this understanding."

"We always call on refugees, whether they are in Turkey or other countries, to return, AA in more than one forum called on the people of northern and eastern Syria to return to their villages and cities and practice their normal lives, and to participate in the management and protection of their areas.

Regarding the Turkish demands to settle the Syrian refugees in the north and east of Syria, the spokesman of the AA Luqman Ahmi said that "what Turkey is demanding from the subject of the return of Syrian refugees and resettlement in areas other than their original residence after it was a party to the displacement of them as a result of agreements concluded with the Russian state, this is therefore It means taking away their rights and property in their places of origin. "

"We, as AA, welcome them as refugees, as we have welcomed others," said Luqman, the spokesman for the Autonomous Administration in North and East Syria. The autonomous areas are inhabited by hundreds of thousands of areas of Syria and they have all their civil rights, but we reject the idea and term of resettlement in the areas of administration. "



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