Macron calls on Rouhani to stop interfering in Lebanon and consults with Putin

French President Emmanuel Macron warned of "any external interference" in Lebanon, during a call with his Iranian counterpart, Hassan Rouhani, eight days after the Beirut bombing.

Macron reminded "the necessity of avoiding, all concerned forces, any escalation of tension as well as any external interference, and supporting the formation of a government whose mission is to manage the emergency crisis," according to a statement by the French presidency.

 The Elysee Palace revealed that Macron told Rouhani, "All parties concerned must stop external interference in Lebanon and support the formation of a new government."

On the other hand, the Iranian presidency indicated that Rouhani and Macron held talks by phone about the situation in Lebanon and the nuclear agreement.

Russian media reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin contacted Macron about the situation in Lebanon and steps to provide support after the Beirut bombing, stressing Moscow's support for a political solution in Lebanon without any external interference.

In the context of the French contacts, the head of the "Free Patriotic Movement" Gebran Bassil received a lengthy phone call from Macron, in which they discussed the latest developments and ways to follow up on the initiative and the effort made by the French President regarding the Lebanese crisis.

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