Macron: France stands by Lebanon, we seek to hold conference to support Lebanese people

The French President Emmanuel Macron affirmed that France stands by Lebanon, stressing that the Lebanese in their diaries can count on France's support in meeting their urgent needs in the fields of food, health, education and housing.

In a message of congratulations to Lebanese President Michel Aoun on the seventy-seventh anniversary of Lebanon's independence, the French President said, "The multifaceted crisis that Lebanon is going through, on various economic, financial and social, as well as political levels, calls for strong measures, and solutions are known, and it lies in the necessity to lay out a map that all political parties committed themselves to on September 1 will be implemented.

He continued: "We are working, in cooperation with the United Nations and all of our partners, to hold an international conference in support of the Lebanese people," noting that this road map simultaneously answers the requirements of Lebanon's sincere friends.

Macron said in his congratulations: "We hope that the President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, will invite all political forces and put their personal, sectarian and factional interests aside, in order to achieve the supreme interest of Lebanon alone and the interest of the Lebanese people."


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