Macron: Lebanese political class is corrupt, it betrayed commitments

French President Emmanuel Macron said that "the French-Lebanese friendship was seized by a corrupt political class that practices terror against the Lebanese people."

During a press conference in which he dealt with the Lebanese file, Macron added that "The situation in Lebanon has not been witnessed since the civil war, and France has been with Lebanon from the moment and will remain so."

He said, "The political forces have preferred their own interests over the public interest and decided to surrender Lebanon to the game of states, and that Lebanese officials have outweighed their personal interest over the interest of their country and decided to submit to external forces, adding that Hezbollah cannot be an army and militia participating in a war in Syria and be respected in Lebanon, and he should respect all the Lebanese. "

He continued, "The Lebanese forces and those leading the institutions clearly refused to respect the commitment before France and the international community."

The French president said, "The roadmap that we laid out on the first of September is still continuing, and reforms and actions are necessary, and it is the only condition for Lebanon to benefit from the aid in the new stage. "

In answer to the questions, Macron said to Lebanese journalists: "I am ashamed of your officials and leaders." Stressing that "sanctions are not the preferred solution for us in the short term, and in order to restore rights and funds to the Lebanese people, financial and banking auditing is the right path."



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