Macron sends a warning to Turkey and calls for European action to repel its violations

French President Emmanuel Macron, on Thursday, called for European action and sanctions against Turkey, which he considered to be practicing violations in the eastern Mediterranean, in a message that carried a strong warning to Ankara.

Macron said in a press conference with his Cypriot counterpart Nikos Anastasiades that "the European Union will make a grave mistake if it leaves the maritime security in the eastern Mediterranean region in the hands of other parties, especially Turkey, this is not an option for Europe, and this is something that France will not let it happen."

He added that he wanted to impose more sanctions on violators of the Greek and Cypriot maritime space, in a clear reference to Turkey.

"In this part of the Mediterranean, which is vital for our two countries ... energy and security issues are fundamental," Macron said.

As for the Libyan file, the French President, whose country criticizes the Turkish role in Libya, called for imposing sanctions on those who interfere in Libyan affairs and fueling the parties' conflict, in order to reach a cease-fire and then a political solution.

Turkey's activities in the eastern Mediterranean are provoking angry reactions from the European Union, Cyprus and Greece, as well as Egypt and the United States.

Time and again, the European Union has expressed dissatisfaction with the illegal Turkish provocations of oil and gas exploration off the coast of Cyprus in addition to Ankara's military interventions in Libya.



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