Maduro reveals a plan to deploy the army in response to US threats

The Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has unveiled a plan to deploy his country's army permanently against the backdrop of what he called US threats by supporting his rival Juan Guido.


"The plan is aimed at supporting the readiness of the Bolivarian armed forces to defend the country, which is one of the constitutional duties of the army," Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said on the margins of the Angostura military exercise.

"The plan includes the locations of the deployment of tanks, missiles and soldiers, ways of cooperation between air defense systems and naval forces and combining the deployment of troops and exercises, to ensure security and peace on the borders of Venezuela."

“The plan on our part is peace and respect. I cannot say the same about the Colombian government and its president, Ivan Doki, who has plans for a warfare against Venezuela backed by American imperialism," Maduro said.

In recent weeks, Venezuela has been experiencing a deep political crisis against the backdrop of the announcement of the President Juan Guido on January 23 as interim president of the country instead of Maduro and the recognition of some countries, especially the United States.



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