Mahmoud: Kalin's accusations against our forces are malicious

In response to a spokesman for the Turkish presidency, Ibrahim Kalin, Nouri Mahmoud, the spokesman for the People's Protection Units (YPG) said that Kalin's statements are just baseless accusations. Our units defended humanity, protected the region from intimidation and made itself a shield for the peoples discrimination, and we work within the framework of international covenants, and the International Coalition that participated us in the war against IS.


The spokesman of YPG Nouri Mahmoud issued a statement in which he responded to the accusations of "Kalin" against the protection units stating that they violated the human rights, and said,

"The US delegation led by the national security's adviser John Bolton held a meeting with officials of the Turkish state. That was followed by the spokesman for the Turkish presidency, Ibrahim Kalin's series of false accusations against our forces.

Once again, Kalin targets the Syrian people, especially in the north and east of Syria whose forces have ensured its protection and the components established an administration to be a model for all of Syria.

Turkey seeks to legitimize the terrorist forces to enable them to reorganize themselves in northern and eastern Syria, and launch its terrorist attacks on their people.

On the other hand, our forces in the People's and Women's Protection Units (YPG, YPJ) have fought against terrorism to repel it from our regions, and they resisted the occupation and terrorism in all its forms within the framework of "legitimate defense."

Our units defended humanity without discrimination between the Kurds, Arabs, Christians, Sunnis, Shiites or Alawis. This fact has been proved in Serê Kaniyê, Kobanî and Şengal, as well as in the Resistance of the Age that is still ongoing in Afrin, east and northern Syria against the terrorists.

The claims of the spokesman of the Turkish presidency that our forces violated human rights are just unfounded accusations, and if the Turkish state has any document about them, it must have presented them to the public opinion.

Kalin's accusations against our forces come in the context of the Turkish president's and his party's project to float himself and the authority of his party, and thus to legitimize his project which is in line with the terrorist organization's draft. So he tries to confuse the public opinion by a series of false lies and fabrications. The public opinion must be cautious and alert to these games.

Kalin's insistence on withdrawing the weapons of the International Coalition that were brought to the region to combat IS terrorism aims at weakening the forces that have maintained the security and stability of the region, thus facilitating the entry of the terrorist groups into the Syrian territories and implementing Turkey's plans in the region.

In Afrin, Turkey did not permit any human rights, humanitarian and media organization to convey the true image of inhuman practices against its citizens. All pieces of evidence and testimonies from Afrin confirm that they are practicing systematic ethnic cleansing against the indigenous people.

Violating the human rights in the areas liberated by Turkey as it claims continues on a daily basis from Jarabulus to Idlib areas through al-Bab, Azaz, and Afrin.

Once again, we assure our people and the world public opinion that Turkey was and still is a safe haven and the transit route for the terrorists and extremists from all over the world, and that it has a track record of human rights violations.