Mahmoud Othman: True dialogue, constitutional recognition of all components are basic

Mahmoud Othman, a prominent Kurdish politician, said that the real dialogue among all the Syrian parties and with the participation of the superpower is the basis for any action to solve the Syrian crisis which has reached a deadlock, pointing out that the constitution should be amended to guarantee the rights of all components, including the Kurdish people.

In a statement to the Hawar news agency on the horizon of the political solution to the crisis in Syria, the prominent Kurdish politician Mahmoud Osman said that the international community have to move according to a real road map and not to ignore any Syrian party at the expense of another to find a solution to the Syrian crisis.

"There are countries that should be questioned and held accountable, such as Turkey, and its interventions are negative. Besides, it is a major station for extremist groups inside Syria and opposes the Kurds unjustly."

Over the last eight years of the Syrian crisis, shy attempts have been described by some as "formal" to solve the sophisticated crisis in Syria, from Geneva to Moscow, Cairo, Riyadh and finally Astana and Sochi.

Analysts attributed the reasons for failure to the lack of seriousness of international and regional parties to the efforts to resolve, and each party's pursuit to achieve its interests on the Syrian territory without paying attention to the Syrian people.

Osman said that "the Kurds and all other Syrian components have natural rights, which is not a gift from anyone, the homeland is for everyone and no one is above the homeland," stressing that ignoring any component is a new impasse to any Syrian solution.

"The constitution guarantees rights and every citizen has the right to live in dignity in their homeland and everyone is equal before the law," Osman said. "The constitution should be amended and all non-Arab elements must be recognized."

The Kurdish politician said that "the central system failed and does not achieve justice amongst the components and the Kurdish people have full right to manage its own affairs in the form of federal or self-rule or any other label."

"The international community must move to chart a real roadmap with the participation of the main Syrian parties to reach a solution to the crisis. We should not forget the negative impact on all countries if it is left without a real solution," he concluded.

A few days ago, the city of Kobani witnessed a third round of Syrian-Syrian dialogue forum organized by the Syrian Democratic Council to exchange views among the Syrians and come out with a unified view on the horizon of the Syrian solution with the participation of all components.

The council stresses the need for Syrians to talk away from foreign agendas to find a solution to the country's crisis, establish a democratic decentralized system, draft a constitution that guarantees the rights of all components, and recognize the Democratic Autonomous Administration.



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