Mahmoud Othman: Turkey is an anti-Kurdish country

The prominent Kurdish politician Mahmoud Othman said that Turkey is a country hostile to the Kurds in all parts of Kurdistan and it has no discrimination between the Kurds in their hostility.


The prominent Kurdish politician Mahmoud Othman told Hawar news agency (ANHA) commenting on the Turkish Turkish policy towards the Kurds, “Turkey is hostile to Kurds in Başûr and Bakur and it has no discrimination between the Kurds in their hostility."

The AKP-led Turkish government often claims friendship with the Kurds, while Turkish practices on the ground reveal the falsity of the allegations.

In the Turkish interior, where millions of Kurds live, Turkey practices a policy of repression and detention that has led thousands of Kurds to jail because they expressed support for Kurdish cause.

As for abroad, Turkey threatens every Kurdish entity or Kurdish will be it political or military policy. A good example is the safe city of Afrin which Turkey occupied and practices killing, displacement and looting against its residents.

The Turkish position of the referendum, conducted in south Kurdistan in support of the independence efforts from Iraq, was manifestation of the hostile Turkish intentions, as Turkey moved its army and imposed a severe siege on the region other than the political trends within it.

The reader of the events is well aware of the vast difference between the Turkish media statements and what they practice on the ground in order to serve their colonial and hubristic ambitions on the peoples of the region in pursuit of a Ottoman dream.



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