​​​​​​​Major damage inflicted to Girê Spî farmers due to fires mostly caused by Turkey

The Agriculture Directorate of Girê Spî canton revealed the damage caused to farmers as a result of deliberate and unintentional fires broken out during the current year, noting that 70% of them were caused by the attacks of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries.

Large areas of farmers' crops in Girê Spî / Tel Abyad canton were subjected to fires before and during the harvest season this year, especially in villages along the lines of contact with the Turkish enemy.

Girê Spî Canton Council formed committees specialized in cooperation and coordination with the Directorate of Agriculture to uncover and document the damage caused to farmers by these fires.

The committees of the Agriculture Directorate based in Ain Issa counted the burnt trees; 615 dunums of wheat, 9,042 dunums of barley, 10 dunums of coriander, while the number of fruit trees burnt reached 3,184 trees, the majority of which were "olive". In addition, the burning of 1,315 meters of hoses that are used for the purpose of agriculture was documented.

The Co-chair of the Directorate of Agriculture, Abdullah al-Khalil, told Hawar news agency that the burned areas are in al-Jarn town, Selok district, Ain Issa district​​ and its towns.

Moreover, the committees that inspected the farmers' affected land areas were unable during their work to reach areas of contact lines with the Turkish enemy, of which large areas were burned as a result of the deliberate arson by the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation.

In this regard, Abdullah al-Khalil indicated that they relied on counting these areas (located on the seam lines) based on books certified by the commune in those areas or the adoption of last year tables. He explained that they counted in Ain Issa only through this method 77,463 dunums in the villages of Moallaq, Saida, al-Loubeida, and al-Jehbal."

He revealed that their estimates show that 70% of the burned areas are the result of the Turkish attacks, "burning directly or through artillery shells that they launch on these villages on an almost daily basis."

He concluded his speech by saying that the results of the statements their committees concluded with their statistics have been submitted to the Economic and Agriculture Body in the Euphrates region for the purpose of consideration and evaluation.

It should be noted that the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries have intensified targeting and burning farmers' crops in the countryside of Girê Spî to damage the farmers' crops in order to starve them and hit the economy of the region.



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