"Major powers must do their part towards people of this region"

Human Shields activities will continue in Serekaniye city in al-Jazeera Region, on the 16th day.

The people of Al-Jazeera continue to flock to the Tent of Human Shields in the town of Serekaniye in Al-Jazeera Region, which was erected 16 days ago. Hundreds of people participated in the 16th day.

Under the tent, ANHA reporters met with one of the participants, Luqman Issa, who said, "We continue to resist under the tent against the Turkish threats to northern and eastern Syria."

“Turkey is trying to create terror and fear among civilians and destabilize the northern and eastern areas of Syria. After its threats to our areas, ISIS mercenaries have returned to activity significantly,” he said.

"Our YPG and SDF fighters fought ISIS mercenaries who were threatening humanity in general," he said.

Now the major powers must do their part to the people of this region



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