Major role to co-operative societies in North Syria

The Administrator of the co-operative societies' House in Serêkaniyê Fadil Bozan said that the people are accustomed to the individual market pattern, and have not yet become accustomed to the system of cooperative societies, stressing the importance of training the people in this field.


The co-operative societies are considered basic to the community economy. In order to flourish the social economy, the members of the society start to participate in cooperative societies. After participating in the association, everyone works in this association and shares the production equally among them which contributes to enhancing the moral value of work and striving, and promoting social communication among individuals in a participatory and democratic spirit.

Many countries in the world rely on co-operative societies.

In North Syria areas and after Democratic Autonomous Administration could establish a democratic way of life, the administration introduced the socio-economic model of cooperative societies. As the revolution has developed, the people began to form co-operative societies. Hundreds of co-operative societies are now deployed in the area. One of the areas where many co-operative societies have spread is in Serêkaniyê city where the people of the city began forming co-operative societies since 2014.

"The purpose of establishing co-operative societies is to promote social life and to promote community economic development," he said. "We hold regular meetings for people to talk about the nature of co-operative societies and their role, and we provide material and moral assistance to the people. We offer their projects to the concerned parties.

“In co-operative societies everybody works”

On the importance of co-operatives, he said, "Production in an individual economy is a personal production and not a production of society, and those who work in production are not employers but slaves. While within the system of co-operative societies everyone works and respects the value of drudgery,

According to Bozan, there are 15 co-operatives in Serêkaniyê, including al-Farn Association and hevgirtin Association, confirming the decline in the organization of co-operative societies in recent times. "The people are not yet accustomed to the system of co-operative societies. They have become accustomed to the individual market for many years. Cooperative societies, "he said, "Are necessary to train  the people on this subject, to realize the importance of the system of Co-operative societies."



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