Malfan Rasul: Lifting isolation is not sufficient, our demand is to release him

The Kurdish writer Malfan Rasul considered "the international community is a partner in the illegal isolation imposed by the Turkish state against the leader Abdullah Ocalan, who represents the power of the people," stressing that "lifting isolation alone is not enough, we must demand his freedom."

During an international conspiracy in which a number of major countries participated, the leader Abdullah Ocalan was arrested in 1999, and he was deprived of his most basic rights in prison, and strict isolation was imposed on him, as a result of which he was prevented from meeting with his lawyer and his family.

Despite opposition from international human rights organizations, the isolation imposed by the Turkish occupation state on the leader Ocalan continues, but this abuse of his right has formed a motive for the peoples to emulate his thought, which is an obsession for the powers that dominate the world.

Regarding this, Hawar news agency ANHA conducted a meeting with the Kurdish writer Malfan Rasul, who began his speech by saying: "It is not permissible for us to focus on ending isolation, but we must demand the freedom of the leader."

He added: "The law that was imposed on the leader is not considered a law and the international community is a partner in it, so we must demand the leader's freedom from Imrali prison, not just an end to the isolation imposed on him."

Rasul considered that "the international community is a partner in eliminating the issue of the Kurdish people and in the illegal isolation imposed by the Turkish state against the leader who represents the power of the people."

Rasul added: "The history of the Turkish state is known since ancient times. We have seen what it did against Sharaf Khan al-Badlisi, Badrakhan, Ubayd Allah al-Nahri, Ali Reza and Saeed Biran. This state aims to liquidate the people, so it emphasizes isolation on the leader."

Rasul touched on the campaigns that took place in the Middle East and South Africa, saying: "The campaign launched by human rights organizations in South Africa and at the level of the Kurdish parts and the world is not sufficient to end the isolation of the leader, who spent more than two decades in the prisons of Turkish fascism."

On the 11th of January of last year, the Kurdish Action Group in South Africa (KHRAG) and the Confederation of South African Trade Unions (COSATÛ) launched a campaign to end the isolation imposed on the leader Abdullah Ocalan.

The slogan of the campaign, which was expanded and recently joined by 10 organizations operating in Germany, was "The time has come to establish a just peace in Turkey and achieving freedom for leader Ocalan."

Meanwhile, a group of Egyptian and Arab intellectuals, on the twenty-second anniversary (15 February) of the international conspiracy targeting the leader Abdullah Ocalan, launched an Arab initiative aimed at introducing the issue of Ocalan and his people.

Egyptian and Arab intellectuals set out from their human affiliation, which makes it imperative for them to support the fighters for the freedom of their peoples, on the one hand, and in fulfillment of the close historical ties that united the Arab and Kurdish peoples.

Rasul concluded his speech by asking: "How do we remain idly by and wait for an occupying state to break and end isolation? The Turkish fascist mentality is based on occupation, executions, and extermination of peoples from ancient times to the present day."



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