Manbij Military Council fighters thwart 6 mercenary infiltration attempts

A leadership in the Manbij Military Council revealed the latest field developments on the Manbij front, and confirmed that they had thwarted 6 infiltration attempts by the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation.

Since the night of 19-20 November, the Turkish occupation state has escalated its attacks on northern and eastern Syria, targeting populated areas and infrastructure, through air and ground bombardment, coinciding in some areas with infiltration attempts, some of which took place on the fronts of the Manbij region.

Regarding the developments of the front there, member of the leadership of the Manbij Military Council, Nouda Rashid, told ANHA’s agency, "For more than a week, there has been Turkish air and ground bombardment, on all fronts of the city of Manbij, on the areas opposite the occupied Syrian regions, and there is overflight of the Turkish army's warplanes, including those and drones, and their attacks continue till today.

It revealed that the Turkish occupation state "targeted the fronts of the Manbij Military Council forces 5 times from the air, in addition to daily ground targeting, which is still continuing today, through its artillery stationed in its bases south of the occupied city of Jarabulus and east of the city of al-Bab."

She added, "The seam areas also witnessed attempts by the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation to infiltrate the villages and points of concentration of our forces. There were 6 attempts, but the vigilance of our fighters and their resistance thwarted them all, and the mercenaries were pushed back after we left dead and wounded in their ranks."

These attempts were made during the period between the 20th and 27th of October.

She pointed out that the recent escalation and the violent bombardment of the Turkish occupation state did not achieve what it was aspiring to, "The continuous bombardment, whether by air or land, did not achieve what Turkey was aspiring to, as a result of the measures of our fighters and the ability of our comrades on the fronts to protect themselves, and there are no losses among the ranks of our forces."

She indicated that the bombing focused on the villages of the North-eastern, northern and western countryside, specifically the villages along the bank of the Sajur River.

Nouda Rashid also pointed out during her speech that there are movements of the occupation state and its mercenaries on the fronts of Manbij.

A member of the Manbij Military Council leadership, Nouda Rashid, confirmed at the end of his speech the readiness of the Manbij Military Council fighters, and said: "The Manbij Military Council has taken its preparations to deter any attack on the city and its countryside, and these preparations will continue and develop, certainly in the event of any attack on our regions, our people, and our people." Our forces will assume their responsibilities to protect the region, and any attack at the current stage and in the future will fail."



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