Manbij Military Council releases 10-day balance of attacks against Manbij

Manbij Military Council has released the 10-day balance of attacks by the Turkish occupation against Manbij, emphasizing that the villages that were targeted are full of residents.

Today the media center of Manbij Military Council issued a statement, revealing the results of Turkish occupation state attacks on villages in Manbij:

"The Turkish occupation and the mercenaries from `Euphrates Shield` have during the last 10 days continued their violations and outrageous attacks by bombing several villages. The villages that were bombed are: (Arab Hasan, Al-Mohsinli, Aoun Al-Dadat, Tokhar, Al-Hoshria, Al-Jat, Al-Sayada, Al-Yanli, Al-Kawgli, Korhyuk, Al-Bogas).

In the last 10 days, Turkish occupation forces randomly targeted these villages with 81 mortar shells, and with heavy and medium weapons, from its centered bases in Al-Tokhar Al-Kabeer village, and Al-Sheikh Nasser and Al-Yashli. The shells landed adjacent to civilian houses and the shelling continues on a daily basis.

It is worth remembering that the Turkish occupation army continues its violations against the villages filled with citizens, especially the villages facing the frontlines, which spreads fear among the people.

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